Isle Of Cain

You decided to take a chance and

followed Trendies Panic off the Island!

The newly elected President immediately removes the “For Sale” sign from the White House lawn, much to the dismay of the wealthy and the big corporations that had in the past spent great sums of money to keep from paying taxes by purchasing the favor elected officials in the form of “campaign” contributions!  The President then required all campaign contributions to go to a central pot anonymously, and be divided equally between all the candidates.  The elected officials all wailed as they realized that they would no longer be able to go on “Rock Star Tours” to campaign, staying in expensive hotels, eating at the most expensive restaurants, and wearing only the most expensive suits, all purchased with “other people’s money”. 

The President wasn’t finished!  Next on the list was fixing the national debt and budget.  By requiring that the budget be based on the previous year’s revenue, instead of the current method of basing the budget on how much the government could borrow and spend.  This brought a great roar of laughter from all the elected officials, it was clear to them that the only way to establish a national budget was to base it on how much you could borrow and spend!  

The President then required that the salary of elected officials be based on their IQ, and required all current and future elected officials take an IQ test.  Once again there arose a great wail from Capitol Hill, as great numbers of elected officials were soon earning minimum wage!

The President then required that all research grants be administered through colleges, so that the most people could benefit from them, rather than just a select few.  The nation’s schools were required to actually teach the children a valid and viable curriculum, rather than promote them to the next grade so they could graduate with their fellow classmates.  

The President then corrected the Tax Code to eliminate the various tax breaks and loop holes that only benefited the wealthy and the big corporations, while forcing the working class to shoulder the bulk of the nation’s burden.  Corporations were required to pay a variable tax based on their profits to provide a minimum wage to the nations unemployed.  This forced them to hire locally, rather than shipping jobs overseas to save a few dollars.

In a short time the nations debt was paid off, all the people were working, the corporations were making profits the old fashioned way, rather than being subsidized by the government.  And last but not least, the government officials were actually doing the job that the nation’s people had elected them to do.

You realize that you are in a place that had been made for you a long time ago.  You enter a well lit chapel, because now it is time to move on!