Isle Of Cain

You followed the Elephant off the Island!

The newly elected President praises God for it was surely through His Majesty and Grace that this President was elected and given the opportunity to lead this nation back in the “right” direction.  Seeing that the national debt was outrageously high, the President decides to immediately correct the problem by granting tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations, so that they can create jobs for the poor and working class.  Once they are working they will pay more taxes and increase the national revenue, which will in turn allow the government to reduce the national debt!  

Seeing that this might not reduce the debt quickly enough, the President also decides to cut spending on wasteful social programs, which encourage the masses to rely on government handouts!  They should work and provide for themselves!  Wasteful scientific research programs should also be cut, because these programs only benefit the ignorant people that don’t believe in God.  The government shouldn’t subsidize scientific research, let the big corporations and other nations do that!  The government should only concern itself with making sure that people have jobs so they can continue to pay taxes!  

The President also saw that the schools were failing to educate the children, who would someday inherit and be responsible for continuing this great nation.  Obviously, the problem with the schools is that they are teaching science!  Children shouldn’t be forced to learn science, because it goes against God and his righteous plan for mankind!  Not to mention leading to them asking all kinds of silly questions about how things work, and why things are the way they are.  Then you have to waste time explaining to them the error of their ways.  Science, its just trouble all around!

After the nations children, lose their intellectual competitiveness with other nations, the big corporations lose their ability to compete with the foreign corporations.  As their profits drop, so do the jobs in the nation, until eventually the masses are unemployed, the corporations are bankrupt, and the wealthy in order to protect their wealth and status in society move to foreign nations.  The once great nation which in the past provided aide to all other nations is now bankrupt and the masses are forced to use their children to beg for handouts from the rest of the world on late night television.

Suddenly, you realize that you weren’t supposed to leave the island, and you have to go back!