Isle Of Cain

You followed the Donkey off the Island!

The newly elected President in a euphoric state that no narcotic, legal or illegal, could possibly hope to induce is so thrilled at being elected that he decides to solve all the nations’ problems immediately!  Using all his wisdom, knowledge, and experience, he finds a solution that is so simple it causes him great wonder that none of his predecessors had thought of it.  He really must have God like mental abilities!  

He implements his plan immediately.  He announces that this nation is a “land of milk and honey”, and anyone wishing live in joy and happiness for all their days is welcome to take up residence in this great nation that he has created.  Soon billions of immigrants from all the worlds poor nations take up residence so that they to can have housing, food, clothing, and the best healthcare in the world, all for free!  What a great nation this president has created!  The entire world loves him! 

What is his great plan you ask?  He borrows enough from the other nations in the world to double the national debt!  When he realizes that it didn’t quite work the way he had envisioned it, he decides to try again.  The result, as you might have guessed, is that the national debt has simply doubled again!  His great plan still didn’t work!  So he tries again, and again, and again, and again, till he finally decides that it’s not his fault that his great plan hasn’t worked.  It’s the fault of everyone else because they aren’t doing their part to make his plan work.  

Now all the other nations see that this nation is so far in debt, that it can no longer pay its debt, feed, clothe, house, or even provide simple first aide, to its masses.  They demand their money, and the President does the only thing that he can do at this point, he levies enormous taxes on all the poor and working class people in the nation.  But he doesn’t raise taxes on the wealthy, because he is embarrassed to admit that he has failed the nation, and he wants them to continue to like him.  Besides, it’s the wealthy that own the printing companies that print the history books, and if they don’t like him, they won’t be nice to his presidency when they write the history books!

Suddenly, you realize that you weren’t supposed to leave the island, and you have to go back!